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Scion #32
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Scion #32

Product Number: DCD200706

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Written by Ron Marz* art by Jim Cheung & Don Hillsman II* colors by Jason Keith In a world whose medieval culture hides its high-tech roots* a young prince fights to liberate his world. He is Ethan* scion of the Heron Dynasty* bearer of a mark that grants him unmatched power and a chance to make things right. Together with his intrepid allies* Ethan battles to free the genetically engineered "Lesser Races" and erase the scourge of slavery from his world. The distant land of Tigris seems almost utopian* a society that has embraced technology to solve all its ills. But is something sinister hiding beneath that veneer? Ethan and Ashleigh are about to find out* including learning the shocking truth about their friend Nadia! 32 pages full color* on sale January 15

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