Detective Comics #990 Foil
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Detective Comics #990 Foil

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Batman is hot on the trail of a murder suspect, but first hell have to get past Two-Face. Even though Harvey Dent seems to be asserting control, how long before he becomes a sociopathic criminal once again? More importantly, what is Dents connection to the victim, and what does it all have to do with the terrorist organization of slithering serpents called Kobra?! Whatever it is, its big enough to reunite Jim Gordon and former district attorney Harvey Dent, and that meeting alone is worth the cover price. Batmans newest partner...Two-Face? As Harvey Dents persona asserts fragile control over the villains psyche, the Dark Knight, Commissioner Gordon and their ally-turned-enemy-turned-ally must work together to stop Kobras terrorist attack against Gotham City.

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