Misplaced #1 Blaylock Cvr
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Misplaced #1 Blaylock Cvr

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(W) Josh Blaylock (P) Josh Blaylock w/ Clint Hilinski (I) Clayton Brown Cover A: Josh Blaylock Cover B: Chynna Clugston-Major Cover C: Randy Green FC 32pp Ongoing Bi-monthly series In stores the week of May 14th The Concept: A fugitive from a dimension called the Realm, Alyssa appears to be a normal, cute girl with a thing for spiked bracelets and combat boots. But as her robotic dog, Tink, reveals she's much more. Alyssa just wants to blend into a small college town in the Midwest, but certain powers of the Realm want her back. Fortunately, this so-called normal girl will find she has the ability to not only save herself, but stop the Realm entirely, and finally get back to a life of rock shows, parties and her comic shop job. This Issue: Realm 77 is one of many hi-tech cities in an all-too-perfect Utopia. Everyone in the Realm lives a simple, content life... except for Alyssa. She's smarter, faster and better than all her peers, and for that, her entire society punishes her every day. Soon she will learn that there is more to her abilities than she ever knew, and someone isn't happy about it. Alyssa always wanted another life, and when the Realm Elders secretly order her put to death, she'll have no choice but to find one... on Earth. It's a sci-fi, action-packed punk rock thrill ride for fans of all genres.

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