Predator #2 (of 4)
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Predator #2 (of 4)

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John Arcudi (W)* Javier Saltares (A)* Andrew Elder (C)* and Raymond Swanland (Cover) On sale Aug 26 FC* 40 pages $3.50 Miniseries Where there is armed conflict* there is money to be made. And in the midst of a third-world civil war* the military contractors of Graham Directive Security have sold their skills to shield their corporate clients from the sectarian violence tearing a country apart. But the GDS guns-for-hire soon discover that they are in the midst of not one* but two civil wars* one of extraterrestrial origin. And while the brutality and ruthlessness of mankind is well documented* it is nothing compared to the heartless savagery exhibited by the star-spawned Predators* especially when warring clans of the alien terrors are each sworn to wipe the other from existence. The hunt is on as Predator returns to comics with a vengeance in a lethal new series written by John Arcudi (Aliens* B.P.R.D.) and illustrated by Javier Saltares (Ghost Rider). o Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first Dark Horse Predator series. Featured in Free Comic Book Day!

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