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Garth Ennis Complete Battlefields TP VOL 02 (Mr)

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(W) Garth Ennis (A) P. J. Holden & Various (CA) Garry Leach. Enjoy more tales of battle set during the Second World War by writer Garth Ennis and artists Russ Braun* P.J. Holden* and Carlos Ezquerra* including: "Happy Valley": Young Australian Ken Harding arrives at his first operational squadron* keen to play his part in the aerial attack on Germany as the commander of a bomber crew. Losses have been high and life expectancy is low* but Ken remains undaunted - until he meets his crew* a foulmouthed* battle-hardened bunch with no time for new boys who can't stand the pace. Together* they must take the war to the enemy over the most heavily-defended region of the Third Reich - the industrial heartland of the Ruhr* known to the men who face the flak and night-fighters as Happy Valley. "The Firefly & His Majesty": The Tankies' Sergeant Stiles returns* recently promoted and angrier than ever! He's got a new crew and a new tank - a Sherman Firefly with a high-velocity gun capable of taking out even the fearsome German Tiger. Too bad the enemy have a new tank of their own - the mighty King Tiger* with twice the armor and firepower of the original! "Motherland": Lieutenant Anna Kharkova is posted to single-seat fighter aircraft and sent straight into action. Hardened and embittered by the loss of her comrades* Anna is only too keen to get her teeth into the enemy - but with Russian and German armies about to collide in the titanic battle of Kursk* her first flight with her new squadron may well be her last!

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