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Carlton Crumple Creature Catcher GN Reptoids From Space (C:

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(W/A) David Fremont. When Carlton catches a UFO on camera* he kicks into full-on Creature Catcher mode. Sick of hearing about Carlton's heroics* his brother Milt stages an alien invasion using a remote-controlled drone disguised as a spaceship. And Carlton falls for it. Iggy and Poof Poof think the ship's cool* so they borrow it to stage a fake alien battle. But a real UFO full of Reptoids spots the showdown and* seeing it as a threat* swoops in and abducts Iggy and Poof Poof! Panicked* Lulu calls the Creature Catcher emergency line. Her creatures have been captured! Now it's up to Carlton to stage a rescue* and save the day!

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