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Cable V1 #97
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Cable V1 #97

Product Number: DCD162795

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(W) David Tischman (A/CA) Igor Kordey. cover by igor kordey david tischman/igor kordey/igor kordey * THE SCOOP: The new creative team of writer David Tischman (American Century) and Igor Kordey (Batman/Tarzan) begin a new chapter for the time-tossed soldier! * THE STORY: "The Path of Most Resistance" The guerrila army known as the Shining Path is back in action* and Nathan Summers fights a one-man war in the jungles of Peru to stop their devastating agenda. How much cocaine do you need to lead a revolution? CABLE changes the rules of engagement exploding in a new* geopolitical direction for a nonstop battle of bombs and babes! * TISCHMAN SPEAKS: "CABLE is going to become much more of a real world* geo-political book*" the writer explained to Newsarama 4.0. "Cable is a guy who believes that the war between man and mutant has already begun and that only he can stop it. To that end* he's going to be traveling around the globe* inserting himself into current political hotspots* and forcing himself into those conflicts. I think this book is different than most books on the market right now. We will be using politics as a backdrop* but good stories are always good stories* wherever they take place. I think that this is just an aspect of Cable that has not yet been explored. When you strip everything away* the only thing Cable knows how to do is be a soldier. He believes in his principles* he has seen the bad side of the future* and he's desperately trying to make sure that doesn't happen. He's a solider who has made the decision that he needs to be proactive. He makes his own rules* and this is a book where the ends justify the means." * THE FORMAT: 32 pages* with ads.

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