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5 Short Comic Book House  -Free Shipping!
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5 Short Comic Book House -Free Shipping!

Product Number: match-15

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Comic Book Short House is a reinforced outer shell in which a heavy-duty
short box (sold separately) will slide. This combination allows you to stack
boxes up to six boxes high while still being able toinstantly access any one of
the boxes contents without rearrangingstacks of heavy comic boxes.

Short House consists of two parts:the drawer and the shell one outer sleeve
andreinforcement inner sleeve which makes the shell even more sturdy. Thepieces
are formed from white 275 lb- test cardboard.

The BCW Storage Boxes are
constructed of white corrugated paper and have a 200 lb. test strength. Use this
box tostore and protect all your valuable collectible comics.

- Slides open like a file drawer
- Double thickness
- Brilliant
- High quality
- Stackable
- Cardboard Corrugated Materials

- Holds 150- 175 Comics

Length (16-1/2)
Width (9)
Height (12-3/4)

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