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Superman Smashes the Klan TP
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Superman Smashes the Klan TP

Product Number: DCDL149212

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(W) Gene Luen Yang (A/CA) Gurihiru. The year is 1946* and the Lee family has moved from Chinatown to Downtown Metropolis. While Dr. Lee is eager to begin his new position at the Metropolis Health Department* his two kids* Roberta and Tommy* are more excited about being closer to the famous superhero Superman! Tommy adjusts quickly to the fast pace of their new neighborhood* befriending Jimmy Olsen and joining the baseball team* while his younger sister Roberta feels out of place when she fails to fit in with the neighborhood kids. She's awkward* quiet* and self-conscious of how she looks different from the kids around her* so she sticks to watching people instead of talking to them. While the Lees try to adjust to their new lives* an evil is stirring in Metropolis: the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan targets the Lee family* beginning a string of terrorist attacks. They kidnap Tommy* attack the Daily Planet* and even threaten the local YMCA. But with the help of Roberta's keen skills of observation* Superman is able to fight the Klan's terror* while exposing those in power who support them-and Roberta and Superman learn to embrace their own unique features that set them apart. Multi-award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Gene Luen Yang and artist Gurihiru tell a bold new story based on a classic Superman radio serial! Collects Superman Smashes the Klan #1-3. DC Graphic Novels For Kids

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