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Junko Mizunos Hansel and Gretel GN
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Junko Mizunos Hansel and Gretel GN

Product Number: DCD207325

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(W/A/CA) Junko Mizuno. story & art by Junko Mizuno Everyone knows the story of Hansel & Gretel. You all remember Hansel* the smart* squatty kid with a tuna can strapped over his mouth* lest his preternaturally loud voice make things crumble all around him. And of course* Gretel* the tall pink-haired schoolgirl in the sailor suit* striking down bullies with each blow of her handy bamboo practice sword. And if you don't remember the story going this way* rest assured you won't be able to forget Junko Mizuno's Hansel & Gretel! NOTE: Not available outside the U.S. and Canada. SC* 152pg* FC

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