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Deadpool Vs Old Man Logan TP***USED COPY***
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Deadpool Vs Old Man Logan TP***USED COPY***

Product Number: USED074763

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(W) Declan Shalvey (A) Mike Henderson (CA) Declan Shalvey. What do you get when you cross a regenerative* cranky X-Man with a regenerative* wacky Merc? Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan! Marvel's deadliest heroes cross paths at last but it won't be pretty. James "Logan" Howlett is after a newly discovered Omega-level mutant* and he just won't let Wade Wilson help. So naturally* Deadpool vows to outmatch his newly marked enemy for the entirety of the mission! If there's one thing an angsty teenage girl hates* it's two older men fighting over her but the evil group that's after young Maddie is even worse! She's more than happy to take on the sinister Gen-Form all on her own* no help needed. But Wade and Logan have never been big on listening. Collecting DEADPOOL VS. OLD MAN LOGAN #1-5. Parental Advisory

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