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Marvel Comics

Mmw Atlas Era Heroes HC VOL 02

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Featuring Captain America* Human Torch & Sub-Mariner Penciled by JOHN ROMITA* DICK AYERS* BILL EVERETT* MORT LAWRENCE & BOB POWELL Cover by JOHN ROMITA The Atlas Era Hero Revival continues with the adventures of the comics' most famous trio of Communist conquering heroes: Captain America* the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner! Beginning with the Big Three's anthology adventures in Men's Adventures* we then dive headlong into Captain America's complete 1954 solo series. Illustrated by Bullpen legend John Romita in some of his very first super hero stories* you'll see Cap and Bucky fight Fifth Columnists* Commie spies and even the Soviet Electro! Next up* it's the Human Torch and Toro! Returned from his slumber by an atomic bomb* the Torch has rejoined his young sidekick in a battle to clean up threats as amazing and entertaining as vampires* killer robots and his 1950s nemesis* the Vulture. Their crime-fighting adventures even take on a global purchase* stretching all the way to the 38th Parallel and Communist Korea! And finally* for a quick taste of what's to come in Atlas Era Heroes' next volume* comes an assortment of Bill Everett's lavishly drawn tales of the lord of the Atlantis* Namor the Sub-Mariner. Considered by many to be the definitive take on the character* Everett's '50s Sub-Mariner is nothing less than treasure from the deep! We'd be remiss to leave you without a bevy of historical bonuses* including a rare Human Torch tale that went unprinted for more than a decade* original artwork* Atlas Era house ads and an introduction by Hero Revival scholar extraordinaire Roy Thomas. Collecting MEN'S ADVENTURES #27-28* CAPTAIN AMERICA #76-78* HUMAN TORCH #36-38 and MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #16.

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