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Mmw Atlas Era Jungle Adventure HC VOL 02

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(W) Don Rico (A) Werner Roth & Various (CA) Joe Maneely. Written by DON RICO & VARIOUS Penciled by WERNER ROTH* JOE MANEELY* JOHN ROMITA* JAY SCOTT PIKE & AL HARTLEY Cover by JOE MANEELY The jungle adventure MASTERWORKS are back and this time* the whole gang's come along for the ride! In VOL. 1* you met the lithe and lovely Lorna* the Jungle Girl. Now* with VOL. 1* it's our pleasure to introduce you to the full cast and cadre of Atlas' amazing jungle adventurers! In the pages of JUNGLE TALES* animal trainer and movie stunt girl Jane Hastings ditches Hollywood and chooses the wild life to become the siren of the safari: Jann of the Jungle! Next come the trials of the young African chieftain Waku* Prince of the Bantu! Threatened by challengers to the throne and the legends of the jungle alike* he must follow the Fire God's path to lead his people. Then* Cliff Mason legendary hunter* tracker and adventurer travels the globe in search of the most dangerous game the jungle depths holds. JUNGLE ACTION features its own quartet of thrill-seekers: Lo-Zar* Lord of the Jungle takes on every menace that infiltrates his domain. From dinosaurs to Commies* he'll bring down the law of the jungle on them all! You'll also meet Man-oo the Mighty* in the unique stories of an ape's struggle to conquer his jungle kingdom* and leap from treetop to treetop with Jungle Boy* who with his tribe of monkey sidekicks seeks out all the action and excitement the jungle can offer! And lest we forget* there's also the one and only Leopard Girl! Bookish secretary Gwen may go unnoticed but when she dons the skins of Leopard Girl* every creature in the jungle is ready to fall into the heart of darkness! Collecting JUNGLE TALES #1-4* JUNGLE ACTION #1-3 and LORNA* THE JUNGLE GIRL #10-12. 272 PGS./All Ages

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