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Essential Thor TP VOL 06

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(W) Gerry Conway & Various (A) John Buscema & Various (CA) Gil Kane. One of the richest periods in the history of Marvel's resident Thunder God comes your way in this grand collection of space-spanning sagas and time-travel tales! Thrill to Thor's descent into Pluto's dark realm* the first appearance of Firelord* Galactus' battle with Ego the Living Planet* Loki's invasion of Earth* the search for an errant Odin and a trip into the end of time courtesy of Zarrko the Tomorrow Man! Guest starring Hercules and the Olympians* the Egyptian pantheon* the Warriors Three* the Avengers* Ulik the Rock Troll* the Absorbing Man* and more! Collecting THOR (1966) #221-247.

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