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Age of X-Man Prisoner X TP

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(W) Vita Ayala (A) German Peralta (CA) Patrick Zircher. The Danger Room holds the worst of the worst in the Age of X-Man! When you break the law in paradise* you aren't sent to just any prison. You're sent to the Danger Room a penitentiary filled with the roughest and meanest mutants who don't fit into X-Man's utopia. They each have a reason for being there* and they're all primed and ready to kill each other. But that's about to change* because the Danger Room's newest prisoner has just arrived: Lucas Bishop! As Bishop navigates the various mutant gangs to find the truth beyond the walls of the prison* can he trust the other inmates including Magneto's daughter* Polaris? Or will Bishop have to break out on his own? One way or another* these walls are coming down! Collecting AGE OF X-MAN: PRISONER X #1-5. Rated T+

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